Laura Fries

Photobook Nobody's Interest
Softcover, 21,5 x 30,5 cm
140 Euro

Nobody's Interest

"That's in nobody's interest!" remarked the nine year old brother of Laura Fries, after checking out the Instagram account of a befriended director. This short but powerful statement made her realize the philosophical significance of, and how marvellous it describes, the present zeitgeist. This book allows an intense and private view of a contemporary family affair by showing its purest reality. It is focused on communication and awareness between family members, whether it's written down or explored through interaction. Laura Fries creates sensitive and humorous stories which presents a society in which dads are going out "electro-clubbing" with their children, grandparent are writing e-mails and mothers are in better physical shape than ourselves.

The Book Nobody's Interest was created in cooperation with Maximilian Schachtner, founder of the design and consulting studio Daily Dialogue. It has the purpose to confront the observer by haptic experience of the raw authenticity and the intimacy of identity.

1. edition 2017, photobook, softcover, 245 pages, limited edition of 20 copies, self-published